About me

Name: Pixel

Born: April 19th 2006 - I am over 3 megapixels big now

Sex: well, no.. my mom won't let me have any.. (ok, I'm a girl)

Breed: papek aka pa(pillon)pek(ingese)

Color: red/white/black

Petname: pixi and baby

Weight: around 5 kg

Temper: always happy. My mom says I have ADHD

Favorite toy: it depends, but looooooooooooooovs ball, soft teddies to beat up and little things that goes squeak

Favorit food: everything edible - my mom says I am NOT picky

Sleeping arrangements: falls asleep with mom... either in the bed, on her arm or on her pillow tangled in her hair

Funny habits: I love sitting in my front door and watch people go by. And I never eat my food from the bowl, I always run into the livingroom with my mouth full.